IGNOU MPSE 003 Dec 2018 Question Paper

IGNOU MPSE 003 Dec 2018 Question Paper which was held in Dec 2018. Candidates have to attempt 5 questions in all, selecting at least 2 from each section. Each question need to be answered in 400 words.


  1. Explain the relevance of classical tradition in Western Political Thought.
  2. Why is Machiavelli regarded as the father of Modern Political Thought ? Elaborate.
  3. Explain the importance of St. Augustine’s doctrine of the church as a perfect society.
  4. ‘Rousseau’s Sovereign is Hobbe’s Leviathan with head chopped.’ Comment.
  5. Discuss John Locke’s conception of the state of nature and ‘natural rights.


  1. Analyse Edmund Burke’s Critique of Natural Lights.
  2. Examine Immanuel Kant’s views of Perpetual Peace.
  3. Critically examine J.S. Mill’s observation that after food and clothing, liberty is a want of human nature.
  4. Explain Hegel’s statement that the state is the March of God on Earth.
  5. Examine Karl Marx’s theory of Alienation.

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IGNOU MPSE 003 June 2018 Question Paper