IGNOU MPSE 003 Dec 2019 Question Paper

IGNOU MPSE 003 Dec 2019 Question Paper which was held in Dec 2019. Candidates have to attempt 5 questions in all, selecting at least 2 from each section. Each question need to be answered in 400 words.


1.How is political thought distinguished from Political Theory and Political Philosophy ?

2.Examine Aristotle’s views on property and family.

3.Discuss St. Thomas Aquinas’ understanding of relationship between the Church and the State.

4. Analyse Thomas Hobbes’ views on rights and duties of the Sovereign.

5. Discuss Rousseau’s critique of civil society.


6. Describe and evaluate Kant’s views on Social Contract and the State.

7. Analyse utilitarian principles prepounded by Jeremy Bentham.

8. Comment on the theory of State as formulated by Hegel.

9. Describe the grounds on which J. S. Mill defends the importance of Individual rights.

10. Critically examine Marxian theory of Historical Materialism.

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IGNOU MPSE 003 June 2019 Question Paper