Vision IAS Prelims 2023 [Test Series 5] With Solutions PDF

Test Series Topic: Ancient Indian History, Art and Culture and Medieval India:


Ancient History
Prehistoric period
Harappan / Indus Valley Civilization
Vedic Age
Religious Reforms
Mauryan Age & Post Mauryan Age
Sangam Age
Guptas Age & Post Guptas Age

 Old NCERT: Ancient India
 Old NCERT: Medieval India
 Class XI NCERT – Introduction to India Art
(Part 1)
 Class XIIth New NCERT – Themes in Indian
History Part -1 and Part 2
 CCRT website: Art & Culture
 Architecture and Sculptures
 Religion and Philosophy
 Indian paintings
 Indian Music
 Indian Dances
 Indian Theatres
 Indian cinema
 Indian Language & Literature
 Arts & Crafts
 Science and Technology in Ancient India
 Indo- Islamic Culture

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